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  • The Bartender's Guide (Classic Cocktail Books series)

    • Author: Jerry Thomas
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $9.95

    From preÂ?Civil War bartenders to the night clubs of the 1940s, these bar books document the trends and mores of their respective eras. Beginning with the first known recipe book compiled for those seeking to serve sophisticated beverages, through the birth of many of the 21st century's drink standards and the tales of those who consumed them, these drink guides provide an insider's glimpse into the excess and splendor of the pre- and post-Prohibition eras.
    Written in the years immediately preceding the Civil War by the 19th century's most famous practitioner of the craft, this guide is reported to be the first recipe book for bartenders. Often referred to as "The 1862 Book," it is also known as the first book to include recipes for the "cocktail." In addition to containing 236 recipes for beverages such as brandy, champagne, and gin cocktails; egg nogs; mulls; and punches, this recipe book provides step-by-step instructions for "manufacturing" cordials, liquors, and fancy syrups, including hints on distillation, filtration, and clarification.Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.

  • The Perfect Manhattan : A Novel

    • Author: Leanne Shear, Tracey Toomey
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $21.95

    Meet Cassie EllisÂ?a young college graduate with the world on a string, a yen for screenwriting, and a need for fast cash to pay off her student loans. Eager to avoid the lucrative snooze-fest of a reliable consulting job, she shocks everyone she knows by opting for a sexier, more flexible job: mixing drinks. Never mind that she doesnÂ?t know single-malt whiskey from Jack DanielÂ?s: sheÂ?s eager to learn. And under the tutelage of a sexy Soho bar owner, sheÂ?s soon cranking out three-olive martinis with the cityÂ?s glitterati fifteen-deep at the barÂ?all while angling for tips, fielding bad pick-up lines, and trying to keep up with the other bartenders who party as hard as their stylish clientele.

    When Cassie accepts a summer gig bartending in the Hamptons, New YorkÂ?s most elite summer destination, she finds herself catapulted into a whirlwind of dazzling celebrity and over-the-top wealth unlike anything sheÂ?s ever seen. Life behind the velvet rope is hard to resist, especially when she finds herself falling for a Hamptons hottie named James. But as the summer progresses, and she finds herself surrounded by playboys, moguls, spoiled rich kids, and Paris Hilton clones in strappy stilettos, she soon wonders if playing the ersatz socialiteÂ?while actually trying to make a livingÂ?is more than she bargained for.

    Drawn from the authorsÂ? own experiences as bartenders in the thick of New YorkÂ?s party scene, The Perfect Manhattan is a perfect mix of sparkling social satire, romance, comedy, and scandal that provides a fast-paced, enormously entertaining look inside the life on the chichi side of the tracks.

  • The Low Carb Bartender: Carb Counts For Beer, Wine, Mixed Drinks, And More

    • Author: Bob Skilnik
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $9.95

    Myth: Beer is lower in carbohydrates than vodka or tequila. Fact: 1 ounce of tequila has less than 1 carb, and certain vodkas have 0 carbs.

    Myth: Drinking alcohol on a low-carb diet is a no-no. Fact: The Low-Carb Bartender provides carb-smart choices so you can enjoy a drink without stalling your weight loss.

    Have you become a teetotaler since you've curbed your carb intake? The Low-Carb Bartender is here to help you join the party and enjoy alcohol again!

    This unique book gives you the complete carb counts of hundreds of drinks-from beer to wine to liquor. Perfect for holiday bashes, family gatherings, Super Bowl parties, or the casual after-work cocktail, The Low-Carb Bartender helps you keep the weight off-and have fun, too!


  • Carb counts for more than 1,000 brand name beers
  • Carb counts for more than 400 brand name wines
  • 200 tasty low-carb drink recipes, including vodka, tequila, rum, and more! Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.