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  • Tequila: The Spirit of Mexico

    • Author: Enrique Martinez Limon, Enrique F. Martinez Limon
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $35.00

    An appreciation and celebration of one of the most popular liquors in the world, including ratings of more than 100 brands.

    Tequila today is one of the fastest-growing liquors in the world, and the growth is decidedly upscale. An entire tequila culture has developed, not only throughout Mexico but in sophisticated restaurants and bars all over the world, from New York to Los Angeles, London to Tokyo.

    Despite this trend, little has been published about tequila and its origins, varieties, and method of productionuntil now. In this delightfully visual book, author Enrique Martnez Limn takes the reader on a fascinating anecdotal journey through the history of tequila, providing complete information about how it is produced and descriptions of its legends, heroes, songs, and artistic manifestations. In addition, there are recipes for tequila-based cocktails and for dishes using tequila, as well as professional ratings of more than a hundred brands. The lively text is enhanced by Michael Calderwood's beautiful photography and the specially commissioned artwork.

    155 full-color illustrations. Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.

  • Cocktails A-Go-Go : Favorite Drinks from the 60s and Beyond

    • Author: Susan Waggoner, Bob Markel
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $18.95

    Remember sipping a Mai Tai, perhaps with a lei around your neck while lounging to a Burt Bacharach song at a seventies shindig? Or dousing your thirst with a Tequila Sunrise after a turn on the disco floor boogying to Barry Manilow's Copacabana? Like Proust's madeleine, there are certain drinks that can take you back to a perfect time of pure pleasure. Cocktails A Go-Go sends you on that trip, with more than one hundred recipes for favorite drinks from the past along with the stories behind their invention, and nostalgic visuals that evoke the era. With the recent revival of cocktail culture at home gatherings, bars, and restaurants, drinkers have developed an ever-expanding and more demanding palate. Cocktails A Go-Go rediscovers a slew of long-lost concoctions to quench the unending thirst for the hot new drink. While several books have tapped into this craze, none offers this combination of historical information, practical real drink recipes, and kitschy images. Filled with fun TV and film stills, posters, and vintage advertisements, the book hits the Generation X nostalgia nerve that is rooted in a past of tiki-mania, pu pu platters, disco music, and lounge lizards. It also serves as an entertaining sourcebook, with tips throughout for planning theme cocktail parties complete with music, food, and decor suggestions. This fun and affordable gift book is as essential as a cocktail shaker or a 10-speed blender.Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.

  • Mr. Boston : Official Bartender's and Party Guide

    • Author: Steven McDonald
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $12.95

    The up-to-date new edition of AmericaÂ?s bestselling drink-mixing guide

    AmericaÂ?s favorite drink-mixing guide since 1935, Mr. Boston: Official BartenderÂ?s and Party Guide has been the resource of choice for generations of professionals and amateurs alike. Now this classic is better than ever, with updated information, 100 contemporary new drink recipes, and all-new photography. More than 1,400 recipes range from classic cocktails to todayÂ?s trendiest drinks, all presented alphabetically with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. With the latest lowdown on liquors, beers, and wines, plus savvy advice on equipment, bar setup, and more, Mr. Boston has it all.

    Mr. Boston, part of the Barton Brands group, has been a widely recognized name in the bartending world for more than 60 years. The Mr. Boston brand includes a range of liquors and prepared cocktails as well as this 66th printing of the Official BartenderÂ?s and Party Guide. Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.

  • 101 Margaritas

    • Author: Kim Haasarud, Alexandra Grablewski
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $15.95

    A smartly packaged cocktail collection for fiesta fun all year-round

    Cool drinks mean hot sales with this stylish and fun book of margaritas. Affordably priced and featuring a bright, crisp design and stunning color photos, itÂ?s both a perfect gift and the ideal companion for summer cookouts, barbecues, and pool or beach parties. Cocktail aficionado Kim Haasarud has included every margarita recipe known, plus some virtual unknowns like Sake Margarita and Cherimoya Margarita. Margaritas are perennial crowd-pleasers, and now party-lovers can enjoy them in 101 delicious incarnationsÂ?at home.

    Kim Haasarud (Los Angeles, CA) is the founder of Liquid Architecture, a beverage consultancy that creates drink concepts for clients including restaurants, liquor companies, and event planners. SheÂ?s created cocktails for HBO, Comedy Central, Absolut Vodka, the Cheesecake Factory, and others. Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.

  • Kentucky Mint Julep

    • Author: Joe Nickell
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $12.00

    The ultimate guide to the quintessential Derby drink!

    A simple concoctionÂ?bourbon, mint, sugar, and waterÂ?the mint julep is legendary. Few people know its history and even fewer know how to properly mix this classic cocktail.

    Lighthearted, entertaining, and informative, The Kentucky Mint Julep explores the lore and legend of the Kentucky DerbyÂ?s traditional tipple. Joe Nickell looks at the origins of the julep and the etymology of the word itself, offers a brief history of American whiskey and Kentucky bourbon, and shares some classic julep tales, including Irvin S. CobbÂ?s theory that a disagreement over a julepÂ?s ingredients was the real cause of the Civil War.

    Information on julep cups, tips on garnishing and serving, and reminiscences from the likes of Charles Dickens, Washington Irving, and General John Hunt Morgan give a fun, historic look at KentuckyÂ?s favorite drink. The book includes numerous recipesÂ?for classic juleps, modern variations on the drink, non-alcoholic versions, and the authorÂ?s own thoroughly researched "perfect" mint julep. This delightful book is illustrated with historic photographs, a map of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, and more. Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.

  • Sangria: Fun and Festive Recipes

    • Author: Mittie Hellmich, Victoria Pearson (Photographer)
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $14.95

    From classic Spanish sangria to sparkling raspberry lemoncello, Sangria offers pitcher-perfect recipes for fruity wine and champagne drinks, plus tapas perfect for easy entertaining. With recipes for red, white, and sparkling sangria, these concoctions will turn any party into a full-blown fiesta. The sangria repertoire kicks off with fun-to-make recipes such as zesty Spanish Harlem Sangria, Sangria Caliente with a tequila kick, and Lime and Roses Rose Sangria blooming with the perfect melding of citrus and rose wine. Tapas offerings make the perfect complement with a summer ensalada of ripe Bosc pears or tasty Citrus Zest Olives. Sangria has a colorful history, which author Mittie Hellmich covers with her typical flair in a lively introduction. Red, white, or sparkling, the best is la sangria! Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.

  • Beachbum Berry's Intoxica!

    • Author: Jeff Berry
    • Binding: Spiral-bound
    • Price: $10.95

    Elixirs Exotica! More lost recipes from the Golden Age of the Tiki Bar from the Polynesian Pop Scholar and Mixologist Jeff Berry, co-author of the praised Beachbum Berry's Grog Log -- dubbed "the best bar guide for tropical drinks ever published" by Joe Bob Briggs. Packed with vintage graphics on every page and everything you need to know about making the perfect tropical drink. With additional commentary from Berry, and a cover by renowned tiki artist Bosko. Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.

  • The Bartender's Bible : 1001 Mixed Drinks and Everything You Need to Know to Set Up Your Bar

    • Author: Gary Regan
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $6.99

    Mix Drinks Like A Pro

    Now you can with this indispensable handbook, the most thorough'and thoroughly accessible'bartending guide ever created for both professional and home use. Encyclopedic in scope and filled with clear, simple instructions, The Bartender's Bible includes information on:

    • Stocking and equipping a bar'from liquors and mixers to condiments, garnishes, and equipment

    • Shot-by-shot recipes for over 1,000 cocktails and mixed drinks from bourbon to rum to whiskey

    • Wine drinks

    • Beer drinks

    • Nonalcoholic drinks

    • Special category drinks'tropical, classics, aperitifs, cordials, hot drinks, and party punches

    • Anecdotes and histories of favorite potables

    • And more!

    If you've ever wondered whether to shake or stir a proper Martini, or what to do with those dusty bottles of flavored liqueurs, The Bartender's Bible is the only book you need!

    A bartender, as a rule, is a person who enjoys the company of others, endeavors to solve problems, listens to the woes of the world, sympathizes with the mistreated, laughs with the comedians, cheers up the down at heart, and generally controls the atmosphere at his or her bar. A bartender is the manager of moods, the master of mixology.

    Certain scenarios are played out over and over again in bars everywhere. The questions are basically the same; only the details vary: What's in a true Singapore Sling? How long has the Martini been around? What's the difference between a Fix and a Fizz? A reference book is as necessary to a bartender as ice.

    -- from The Bartender's Bible

    Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.

  • The Ultimate A-to-Z Bar Guide

    • Author: Sharon Tyler Herbst
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $15.00

    What's a Dirty Martini? How do you pronounce Cuarenta Y Tres? Which glass do you use for a Stinger? How did the Margarita get its name?

    Answers to these questions and thousands more can be found in The Ultimate A-to-Z Bar Guide, a one-stop, user-friendly cocktail guide featuring more than 1,000 drink recipes and 600 definitions for cocktail-related terms.

    The Ultimate A-to-Z Bar Guide offers a unique blend of features, including:

    Definitions of over 600 cocktail- and drink-related terms, including liqueurs, types of drinks, cocktail jargon, and the etymology of drinks like the Martini and the Fuzzy Navel, all organized in an easy-to-use A-to-Z format with sound-out phonetics.
    Drink recipes for more than 1,000 cocktails for every season and occasion.Ã? Ã? Each recipe is complete with a graphic showing the appropriate glass to use.
    Ideas on how to make sure guests have a great time while encouraging responsible drinking.
    Tips on everything from stocking a home bar to choosing the right glassware, plus loads of professional bartending tricks and shortcuts for creating the perfect cocktail.
    Humor through anecdotes, toasts, and quotes from the famous and infamous.
    Four indexes that make finding the listing you want a snap!

    Accessible, fun, hip, and written in the Herbsts' inimitable style, The Ultimate A-to-Z Bar Guide deserves a place at every home and professional bar.Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.

  • Drinks

    • Author: Vincent Gasnier
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $50.00

    From French wines, single malt whiskies, and Cuban rums to Belgian beers, English ciders, and classic cocktails, this is a sumptuously illustrated one-stop reference to the world's best alcoholic drinks. Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.