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  • Cosmopolitan : A Bartender's Life

    • Author:
    • Binding: Audio CD
    • Price: $22.95

    Cosmopolitan is a memoir of the bartending life structured as a day in the life of Passerby, the bar owned and run by Toby Cecchini. It is, as well, a rich study of human natureÂ?of the outlandish behavior of the human animal under the influence of alcohol, of lust, and of the sheer desire to bust loose and party. As the typical day progresses, Cecchini muses over a life spent in the service industry and the fascinating particulars of his chosen profession. He is by turns witty, acute, mordant, and lyrical in dealing with the realities of his profession, shedding plenty of light on the hidden corners of what people do when they go out at night.

    Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.

  • Toma! Margaritas!: The Original Guide to Margaritas and Tequila

    • Author: Robert Plotkin
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $15.95

    This is the ultimate resource for margaritas and tequila. Crammed inside its pages are 125 sensationally delicious, taste-tested margarita recipes. Every possible way to creatively tweak a margarita is discussed. Armed with this knowledge, there are no limits to what can be created. Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.

  • Vintage Bar Ware: Identification & Value Guide

    • Author: Stephen Visakay
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $24.95

    Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.

  • Shaken: 250 Classic Cocktails With A Twist

    • Author: Jane Lawson
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $24.95

    From their rustic beginnings masking fiery bootleg hootch, cocktails are now on the cusp of a golden age. Distillers are infusing classic spirits such as gin, vodka, and tequila with exciting new flavors, promising infinite possibilities for those seeking the latest liquid sensation. Despite their glamorous appearance, cocktails are surprisingly easy to mix up. With a little practice, a few basic tools and ingredients, and a well-developed sense of fun, even the most novice bartender wannabe can host swanky soirees using these intoxicating drinks. Recipes include Classic Martini, Orange Jelly Shot, Rusty Nail, Old-Fashioned, Passion Fruit and Vodka Jelly Shot, and Mojito. Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.

  • The Ultimate Little Shooter Book

    • Author: Ray Foley
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $9.95

    Self-published for years, The Ultimate Little Shooter Book has been one of the top-selling shot books on the market. This new and revised version gives the best recipes for more than 1,000 shots that are sure to please anyone looking for a new and exciting drink.

    Ray Foley is the ultimate authority on bartending. He is the publisher of Bartender Magazine, the No. 1 magazine in circulation for the bartending trade. This book is the result of his years of experience working with bars and bartenders across the country to find such shots as:

    --Carrot Cake Shooter

    --Electric Sambuca

    --Key Lime Pie

    --Red-Eyed Smiley Face

    --Shock Treatment

    This is an essential guidebook for any professional or amateur bartender.

    Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.

  • The Dittohead's Guide to Adult Beverages

    • Author: Britt Gillette
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $14.95

    If you're familiar with the Limbaugh Lexicon, the show's unique vocabulary that inspired this hilarious compilation of 125 cocktail recipes known as The Dittohead's Guide to Adult Beverages. You'll find recipes like SUV on the Rocks. The Dittohead's Guide to Adult Beverages also provides a comprehensive set of instructions for each adult beverage, guranteed to entertain anyone who follows American politics-a must-have for Limbaugh listeners and card-carrying conservatives. Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.

  • Flirtini : A Guide to Mixing and Mingling

    • Author: Allana Baroni
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $16.95

    Cocktail parties are a great way to cut loose and flirt with abandon, and nothing gets everyone mixing and mingling better than great drinks and an upbeat, unforgettable atmosphere. Flirtini is filled with a veteran party plannerÂ?s creative ideas for throwing a fabulous bash. From a Dr. Bombay party to cure what ails you to a graffiti bash for self-expression, Flirtini has plenty of great excuses to mix it up.

    Each theme party starts with a house specialty drink and continues with ideas for shouting out the invites, decking out the bash shack, an inspired soundtrack, and ice-breakers to get the party going. An Â?unbirthdayÂ? party in honor of a friend who needs an ego boost has a mad tea party twist. A film festival costume party can go glam for the Oscars, urban for Tribeca, or ski grunge for a Sundance theme. A jazz-inspired after-dinner affair can turn your apartment into a sultry hot spot with coffee-flavored cocktails, slow dancing, and fortune telling.

    More than chic drinks and a clever party theme, though, the right attitude is the key to hosting a successful party. So Flirtini includes plenty of spirited advice on how to greet, mingle, and flirt with confidence to spare. From compiling a cross-pollinated guest list to improvising triumphant solutions for inevitable party snafus, Flirtini is the perfect recipe for mixing up killer cocktail parties. Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.

  • Cocktail Hour : Authentic Recipes and Illustrations from 1920-1960

    • Author: Susan Waggoner, Robert Markel
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $15.95

    "Waiter, I'll have another."

    Another cocktail, that is. Or, on second thought, make it a hundred of them. In this bright, sprightly sequel to their immensely popular Vintage Cocktails (1999), authors Susan Waggoner and Robert Markel serve up authentic recipes for more than 100 fresh classics from the golden age of libation.

    Lavishly illustrated with full-color vintage art, garnished with quotes, and studded with anecdotes and cocktail histories from the era, Cocktail Hour also features lively sidebars that offer both practical advice (such as pointers for throwing a perfectly swank cocktail party) and fascinating bits of cocktail lore. Readers learn what Frank Sinatra wrote on invitations to Rat Pack parties ("Black Tie and Sunglasses Required"), which movie offers a glimpse of the Brown Derby's original bar (Mildred Pierce), and what Cab Calloway may have been drinking the night he covered a memory lapse by singing "hi-de-ho" in the midst of a song (a Harlem cocktail, the signature drink of the Cotton Club).

    With completely new-but still classic-drinks, illustrations, and anecdotal material, Cocktail Hour is a must-have for buyers of the first book as well as a fine stand-alone volume for drink lovers of all varieties. Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.

  • Raising the Bar : Better Drinks, Better Entertaining

    • Author: Nick Mautone, Marah Stets
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $27.50

    With years of experience as a master mixologist, and more than 250 wide-ranging cocktail recipes, Nick Mautone has gone well beyond the usual bartender's guide to offer unique and foolproof ideas for easy and successful entertaining at home.

    From Nogs to Grogs, Martinis to Manhattans, Frappes to Flips, and everything in between, Raising the Bar offers the right drink for any occasion, morning, noon, and night . . . and the morning after.

    This guide to entertaining also features dozens of recipes for little bites to accompany your drinks; homemade garnishes, syrups, cordials, and brandies; rubs, glazes and sauces made from drinks elements; and the absolute last word on demystifying hard-to-find ingredients.

    With more than one hundred colorful photographs illustrating technique and finished drinks, Raising the Bar definitely raises the bar on better drink books. Very helpfull for people who are looking for bartending or restaurant jobs.

  • Complete Idiot's Guide to Mixing Drinks, 2E (The Complete Idiot's Guide)

    • Author: Alan Axelrod, The Players
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $18.95

    Features 450 recipes with detailed instructions. <br><br> Includes extensive information on the background, differences, characteristics and appreciation of spirits, liquors, etc. <br><br> New edition covers everything from making basic cocktails to the life of a bartender!Download DescriptionIn the grand tradition of bartending classics such as Mr. Boston, this book will train even the most unschooled party host to be the toast of the cocktail, with easy-to-follow instruction on stocking the bar, choosing glasses, mixing reborn classics and trendy exotic beverages, concocting coffee liqueurs, creating delicious alcoholic desserts, and more. The Players and Alan Axelrod make it all fun and easy, with memorable quotes, hilarious anecdotes of club members, and mixing tips from the pros.