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  • The Cakebread Cellars American Harvest Cookbook: Celebrating Wine

    • Author: Dolores Cakebread
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $35.00

    Every September during harvest season, the Cakebread family invites five up-and-coming chefs and a host of local farmers to their winery for a weekend of tasting, talking, cooking, and sharing. A whirlwind short course in winemaking, viticulture, and artisan food production, the American Harvest Workshop heats up as the sun goes down. Each evening, the chefs come together to plan and execute two multicourse dinners using a market basket of ingredients from the Cakebreads’ favorite purveyors.

    In The Cakebread Cellars American Harvest Cookbook, Jack, Dolores, and culinary director Brian Streeter present 100 recipes and wine pairings developed by workshop chefs and the winery in honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary of this groundbreaking annual event. These spectacular dishes—from appetizers to entrees and desserts—are adapted for home cooking in this delicious exploration of Napa Valley’s food and wine culture.

    Many of the world’s leading chefs have attended the workshop and their recipes are here, including Gary Danko’s Mediterranean Summer Vegetable Gratin, Nancy Oakes’s Warm Chopped Liver Crostini with White Truffle Oil, Hubert Keller’s Provençal Garlic and Saffron Soup, and Alan Wong’s Pan-Seared Sturgeon with Thai Red Curry. For dessert, just try to choose between Charlie Trotter’s Chocolate-Praline Bread Pudding with Cinnamon Cream and Marcel Desaulnier’s Caramel-Banana–Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

    Guidelines for wine and food pairing are presented along with profiles of the winery’s finest purveyors, from Cowgirl Creamery and Hog Island Oyster Company to Liberty Ducks, Broken Arrow Ranch, and Fatted Calf. This unique collection celebrates a quarter century of workshops—and the chefs, winemakers, and farmers who come together each year to cook, eat, and drink from the bounty of Napa’s vibrant wine country.

    . Bartending jobs seekers must have knowledge of fine wine and this book will help them get it.

  • Food

    • Author: Kevin Zraly
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $24.95


    Kevin Zraly's incomparable course ("One of the best start-from-scratch wine books ever written."-- Frank Prial, The New York Times) is still America's top-selling guide to wine. In this year's revised edition, Zraly shares some of the authoritative knowledge on buying wine that he's acquired over the last 30 years: this new, exclusive, and invaluable "How to Buy Wine" section covers retailers, auctions, Internet sites, and just about anywhere a bottle can be purchased. What stays constant is Zraly's inimitable, irreverent style. He answers every question about wine; offers the most up-to-date recommendations; takes you on a country-by-country, region-by-region ratings tour of the latest vintages; and starts you on your way to becoming a wine connoisseur. Abundant full-color labels and maps--some brand new--complete the enticing picture. More current, more informative, more concise and precise than ever, this remains the wine guide against which all others are judged.
    . Bartending jobs seekers must have knowledge of fine wine and this book will help them get it.

  • and Friends in the Napa Valley

    • Author: Joseph Bastianich
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $13.95

    From the Barolos of Piedmont to the Brunellos of Tuscany, Italian wines offer an incredible range of tempting choices. But how can you be sure to find the right bottle? In this pocket-sized buying guide—the companion to the award-winning Vino Italiano—Italian wine experts Joseph Bastianich and David Lynch show you the way, with vibrant descriptions and authoritative information.

    •Profiles of a wide range of Italy’s leading wine producers and their best and most accessible wines

    •Facts on availability, pricing, and even dining and accommodations

    •At-a-glance symbols for rising stars, great values, and truly exceptional wineries

    •An Italian wine-label decoder

    •Ratings for recent vintages

    •Extensive appendixes with detailed information about wine regions and classifications

    •A Barolo and Barbaresco vineyard guide for aficionados. Bartending jobs seekers must have knowledge of fine wine and this book will help them get it.

  • Windows on the World Complete Wine Course: 2004 Edition: A Lively Guide

    • Author: Michael Bonadies
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $12.95

    Wine should be fun. It civilizes, relaxes, tastes good, and is one of the world's great pleasures. That's Michael Bonadies's philosophy, and his goal is to "cut through the gobbledygook and make wine fun and accessible" for everyone.

    Presented in workbook format, the information in Sip by Sip is clear, down-to-earth, irreverent in tone, served to the reader in digestible doses, and designed to take the so-called wine snob down a peg. The book is full of important and useful information on every subject from how various wines are produced to how they taste, how they are served, and how they differ from one another. Obscure terms are clarified, wine jargon is demystified, seemingly abstruse subjects are clarified--all while the reader is being entertained and developing a deeper enjoyment of wine itself.. Bartending jobs seekers must have knowledge of fine wine and this book will help them get it.

  • The White Wine Diet: Lose All the Weight You Want Without Feeling Deprived

    • Author: Carly Newman
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $13.00

    Could there be a more perfect diet? This diet allows you to maintain a healthy, balanced eating plan that will make you drop weight off, and still allow you to drink up to three glasses of white wine every day. It might sound too good to be true, but it isn't—the secret to this diet is a simple matter of eating sensibly and taking all things in moderation. The upshot is that you needn't feel hungry, and you needn't feel deprived of the good things in life.
    . Bartending jobs seekers must have knowledge of fine wine and this book will help them get it.

  • The Master Dictionary of Food and Wine (Culinary Arts)

    • Author: Joyce Rubash
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $59.95

    The completely revised and updated edition contains more than 8,000 terms relating to food ingredients, cooking styles, preparation techniques, utensils, and types of culinary service. Clear and concise definitions, word origins, and simple phonetic pronunciations make this an invaluable resource for food and beverage professionals.. Bartending jobs seekers must have knowledge of fine wine and this book will help them get it.

  • Uncork It: How to Be a Wine Expert Overnight

    • Author: Cathleen Michaels
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $8.95

    undefined. Bartending jobs seekers must have knowledge of fine wine and this book will help them get it.

  • Wildcat Wine

    • Author: Claire Matturro
    • Binding: Mass Market Paperback
    • Price: $6.99

    It's hard being Lillian Belle Rosemary Cleary. And if I didn't know that already, Bonita, my legal secretary supreme and secondary therapist, kept reminding me.

    "Carita," she said, shaking her head and handing me the pink highlighter at my hyperventilated request so that I could mark another obscure legal point I needed to memorize for my upcoming appellate argument. "You make this so much more difficult than it needs to be."

    So spank me, I'm a lawyer and complicating things at a high hourly rate is my specialty.

    Sometimes being a lawyer sucks. That's what Lilly Cleary thinks. Lilly is tough–as–nails attorney who works for a big firm in Sarasota, Florida, and an obsessive–compulsive health nut who has a bad habit of tripping over dead bodies. This time out she's got her hands full with a psychic client and a Nazi–next–door neighbor, when an obnoxious partner in her firm is murdered. Somehow Lilly gets dragged into investigating and encounters a world–class assortment of weirdo suspects, all of whom have good reason to want to knock the guy off.

    . Bartending jobs seekers must have knowledge of fine wine and this book will help them get it.

  • Chilean Wine: The Heritage

    • Author: Rodrigo Alvarado
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $29.95

    There's no denying it. Chile's fine wines have earned their place in the world of wine in recent years. Chilean wines have sparked tremendous interest throughout the world. Their success is now explained by this account of the origins and developments of an industry with a rich 450 year winemaking tradition.

    Chilean enologist and prolific wine-writer Rodrigo Alvarado searches out the major landmarks and keystones of the history of wine and humankind and weaves them into a highly-readable tale that affords us an in-depth understanding of Chile's long-standing tradition of wine.

    This text, beautifully illustrated by Chilean artist Raquel Echenique, is required reading for any wine-lover looking to become a true connoisseur.. Bartending jobs seekers must have knowledge of fine wine and this book will help them get it.

  • A Journey from the Origins of the Vine to the Present

    • Author: Andy Perdue
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $14.95

    With over 400 wineries, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia have collectively become a major center for prestige wines on par with those from California and France. This handy compilation helps both connoisseur and novice navigate the complexities of the products of this region. Reviews of each winery cover individual history, production style, and price ranges, plus the author's recommendations. Also included are tips on wine touring; food-and-wine pairing, information on specific wine regions and grapes; and a guide to wine terminology.. Bartending jobs seekers must have knowledge of fine wine and this book will help them get it.

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