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  • Quick from Scratch Herbs & Spices Cookbook

    • Author: Tom Harpur
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: undefined

    undefined. Bartending jobs seekers should know vine culture to get more opportunities in their careers.

  • Water into Wine

    • Author: Barbara Nowak
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $14.95

    Sure, you can tell red wine from white wine, but where do you go from there? You know how complex the intricacies of wine stewardship can be: How do you make sense of the label and learn to identify a good wine by the way it looks or smells? The Everything(r) Wine Book is your one-stop shop for conquering the world of wine-one grape at a time! In this completely updated second edition, you'll learn to:

  • Talk the wine talk like a sommelier
  • Understand and deconstruct wine labels, region by region
  • Master tasting techniques that refine your palate
  • Choose the perfect bottle for every occasion
  • Build and stock your own wine cellar
  • Tour the best wineries like a pro
    Complete with a pronunciation guide and glossary of terms, The Everything(r) Wine Book the perfect vino companion for anyone-whether you're picking up a bottle for the first time or are a seasoned glass-tipper interested in learning more!. Bartending jobs seekers should know vine culture to get more opportunities in their careers.

  • Everything Wine Book: From Chardonnay to Zinfandel

    • Author: Tom Snyder
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $16.95

    The Two-Lane Gourmet is the first wine-and-cuisine guide to sample top estate vineyards, intriguing inns, and intimate dining in all three West Coast states, from Southern California to Washington.
    Come along with bestselling author Tom Snyder on a delightful tour of more than two thousand miles of breathtaking wine country roads to enjoy hundreds of handcrafted wines, unique entrées, and gracious inns---all waiting for you to discover and appreciate them to the fullest. You'll never be at loss for words---a primer on winetasting is included, along with a pronounciation guide to popular wines. Suggestions for food-and-wine pairings, together with sources for recipes created by blue-label chefs from Europe and America, are also covered.
    So find a region in the contents that calls to you and set out on a grand tour of your own. Swirl, sip, choose from an astonishing variety of dishes, and doze off on 700-count Italian linen sheets while vineyards rustle in the night breeze just below your balcony.
    Ready to unwind a bit? It's all here, waiting for you, in The Two-Lane Gourmet. Lovely drives, good friends, fine wine, amiable conversation---this book is your passport.
    . Bartending jobs seekers should know vine culture to get more opportunities in their careers.

  • All You Need to Make the Perfect Choice (Everything: Cooking)

    • Author: Daphne Larkin
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $45.00

    More than 30 years ago, National Geographic photographer Charles O'Rear came to the Napa Valley to cover a wine region few knew about. It was a pivotal moment for the valley as well as for O'Rear: his magazine article helped launch national awareness of America's blossoming wine region and the photographer found a place to call home. Since then his work has taken him across the globe many times over, but he has always been happy to return to this special place. With this book, his third on Napa Valley, O'Rear creates a treasured collector's item and establishes his legacy as the master photographer of the legendary wine region. He simply has no peers.

    This 9 inch by 12 inch book showcases O'Rear's love of the Napa Valley through classically beautiful photographs that are iconic and singularly his. In his artful and compelling images, the place comes alive as he takes us on a journey into a Garden of Eden where we feast with all of our senses. We see people working the vineyards, creating memorable wines and living a life tied to the land. We admire awe-inspiring vistas, diverse winery architecture and world famous restaurants that make Napa Valley a national destination for food and wine. We are enthralled with the spectacular and comprehensive collection of art on the bottles of 350 wine capsules representing nearly every winery in the valley. We chuckle over the whimsical vanity license plates that broadcast we are in America's premier winegrowing region. With more than three decades documenting Napa Valley, O'Rear knows the place better than any other photographer on earth. In this book, his wife, writer Daphne Larkin, partners again with him. O'Rear's spectacular images and Larkin's illuminating text create a treasured collector's item to be enjoyed for years.. Bartending jobs seekers should know vine culture to get more opportunities in their careers.

  • The Two-Lane Gourmet: Fine Wine Trails

    • Author: Ursula Hermacinski
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $17.95

    The popularity of wine has skyrocketed in recent years. While millions of people around the world have come to appreciate both its elegance and its taste, a growing number of collectors also recognize wine as a sound investment. For these individuals, as well as for top chefs, restaurateurs, and wine enthusiasts, the wine auction has become an important place to find truly superior wines--and often at great prices! Those who are unfamiliar with these exciting events, however, may find them somewhat intimidating. Now, in The Wine Lover's Guide to Auctions, internationally renowned wine auctioneer Ursula Hermacinski removes the mystery of wine auctions by providing a clear explanation of how they work. Even the wine-auction novice can become a successful player.

    The guide begins by exploring the fascinating history of wine auctions. It then provides information on wine basics and details the mechanics of the auction process--for buyers and sellers. You will meet all the players involved in these events and discover a number of insider secrets that will enable you to save time and money. Rounding out this book are helpful hints on starting--or expanding--your wine collection, choosing the best auction house for your needs, and organizing your own wine tasting.

    Whether you plan to participate as a buyer or seller, The Wine Lover's Guide to Auctions will help you get the most out of your auction experience. Enjoy!. Bartending jobs seekers should know vine culture to get more opportunities in their careers.

  • Wine Routes of Penedès & Catalonia

    • Author: Alan Young
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: undefined

    The same format and author as Wine Routes of Argentina.Full color, includes maps and names of all producers in the wine regions of Catalonia. First book in English on this exciting up and coming wine region.

    Ten pages of genuine Catalan recipes with illustrations from top restaurant.

    It is a story about bringing an old culture, maybe three millennium, and methods into the 21st century.

    This book covers the history, grape varieties, winemaking and portraits if the top 40 producers.

    With index.. Bartending jobs seekers should know vine culture to get more opportunities in their careers.

  • Hot Toddies: Mulled Wine

    • Author: Christopher O'Hara
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $16.95

    When the weather outside is frightful, what could be more delightful than a hot toddy? From the scent of nutmeg-laced hot buttered rum to the fizz of a poinsettia cocktail, there’s nothing like a classic winter drink to bring true festivity to the season. And it’s easy as pie—whipping up an eggnog from scratch is a whole lot simpler than cooking the perfect turkey, and your guests will appreciate the gesture as much as the taste. From spiced cider to champagne punch, Hot Toddies is the perfect little collection of winter refreshments, with fail-safe recipes that will make any holiday party shine.

    These delicious seasonal drink ideas are as perfect for wintertime as a cold smoothie is for summer. Rather than offering guests the same lackluster wine, heat it with sweet spices, spike it with Aquavit, and serve up an authentic Swedish glögg for some true Christmas spirit. Tempt friends with the luscious richness of chocolate eggnog, topped with real chocolate whipped cream. Curl up on a blustery winter’s day with a steamy, frothy Irish coffee, or combine apple cider, bourbon, and spices for a Thanksgiving Day batch of harvest moon punch. In addition to these flavorful recipes, useful tips on everything from keeping punch cold to stocking a bar will help you concoct special drinks all winter long—even the whole year round.

    Whether it’s a stocking stuffer, a hostess gift, or a great addition to your next holiday party, Hot Toddies is the perfect guide to celebrating the season.. Bartending jobs seekers should know vine culture to get more opportunities in their careers.

  • Buttered Rum

    • Author: Bruno Barnhart
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $60.00

    undefined. Bartending jobs seekers should know vine culture to get more opportunities in their careers.

  • Spiced Cider

    • Author: Jonathan Nossiter
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $15.00

    Jonathan Nossiter, award-winning filmmaker and former sommelier, had his first taste of wine at the age of three in Paris, from his father’s fingertip. For him, wine is “memory in its most liquid and dynamic form,” an essential art. In Liquid Memory, the American expatriate takes readers on a cheeky insider’s investigation of the mysteries of terroir, the historical sense of place that makes wine unique.

    Nossiter, who already created an uproar in the world of wine with his film Mondovino, here reveals how the tyranny of snobs, critics, and charlatans prevents us all from taking part in what should be a gloriously democratic bacchanalia. From the sacred wineshops of Paris to film locations in Rio de Janeiro, this singular journey invites us to consider how power influences taste and how one’s own taste might combat power in any sphere.

    Unabashedly controversial, Liquid Memory has already riled the establishment, and it will continue to stimulate wine lovers and convert the skeptics for many years to come.

    . Bartending jobs seekers should know vine culture to get more opportunities in their careers.

  • and Other Soul-Warming Winter Drinks

    • Author: Michael Broadbent
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $22.00

    Pocket Vintage Wine Companion is an updated, edited version of Michael Broadbent’s classic and award-winning Vintage Wine. It presents his most recent tasting notes—including hundreds of new notes on the best wines he has tasted since Vintage Wine was published—in a portable format that puts his unrivaled expertise at your fingertips.

    . Bartending jobs seekers should know vine culture to get more opportunities in their careers.

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