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  • The Food and Wine Lover's Companion to Tuscany

    • Author: Carla Capalbo
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $18.95

    The Food and Wine Lover’s Companion to Tuscany, originally published in 1996, was one of the first guidebooks to focus exclusively on the traditional foods and local wines of this region-the most traveled-to area of Italy. This essential guide, now completely revised and incorporating over 40 new entries, is still the only book anyone needs to find the little-known shops, markets, festivals, and wineries that capture the spirit of Tuscany. Author Carla Capalbo, who makes her home in the region, passes on her extensive knowledge of Tuscan foods and wine, exploring each town, village, and quaint back road. No one considering a trip to Tuscany should leave home without this book.. Bartending jobs seekers should know vine culture to get more opportunities in their careers.

  • Sweeter than Wine

    • Author: Michaela August
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $15.95

    On the eve of Prohibition, Alice Roye, a young war widow, desperately needs a vintner for her winery, because without a license to make sacramental wine for the Church, she'll have to go back to her mother's Barbary Coast bordello. Alice doesn't expect to marry the new vintner, but blackmailed by the matriarch of her late husband's family, she does. Can she trust this gaunt, blond stranger-or keep from falling in love with him?. Bartending jobs seekers should know vine culture to get more opportunities in their careers.

  • Virgile's Vineyard: A Year in the Languedoc Wine Country

    • Author: Patrick Moon
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $14.95

    Among the rich cast of characters he meets during his year of exploration is Virgile, a young local wine-maker who offers to initiate Patrick into the mysteries of each season's work in the fields and in the cellar. Virgile is passionately committed to perfection, though he operates on a shoestring. At the other extreme is Manu, Patrick's dipsomaniac neighbour, a diehard traditionalist producing a private wine-lake of unspeakable rouge. With Manu as his self-appointed guide, Patrick embarks on a tour of the region's wine makers -- a succession of lively encounters with growers as varied as the wines themselves. Interwoven are digressions into the history of the region and its wine-making, from the earliest plantings by the Greeks and Romans. Meanwhile, the author struggles to deal with his dilapidated inheritance -- an unfamiliar and unpredictable world where the brambles have grown as tall as the olive trees, the water supply has just dried up and there is a ferocious animal under the roof tiles.. Bartending jobs seekers should know vine culture to get more opportunities in their careers.

  • The Heart of Burgundy: A Portrait of French Wine Country

    • Author: Andy Katz
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $30.00

    Burgundy came into its own during the Middle Ages, with the flourishing of the Catholic Church, and more specifically under the Benedictine order of Cluny. These monks were renowned for their religious enthusiasm, work ethic, spartan lifestyle, and adherence to physically exhausting hard labor. This philosophy apparently led to the Cistercians' decision to cultivate the poor, infertile, rocky soil of what today is known as the Côte d'Or.
    From the introduction by Robert M. Parker, Jr.

    The Heart of Burgundy focuses a wide lens on a little region in the French countryside Burgundy begins about seventy-five miles south of Paris and stretches down through the Côte d'Or, Côte Chalonnaise, Mâconnais, and Beaujolais in a skinny and wavy line more than two hundred miles long. The decision by the Cistercians to cultivate its soil, which Robert Parker mentions above, was a monumental one, for today the chief products of Burgundy are Pinot Noir, Beaujolais, Chablis, and Pouilly-Fuissé, and it is home to one of the most famous vineyards in the world, the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. While the Burgundy region is not the largest in acreage, or even in wine production, its yearly wine auction held at the Hospices de Beaune is an indication of where prices will be set for France's entire vintage. That means that at a certain time of year all of France, indeed all the world, can become fixated on this otherwise sleepy agricultural area.

    Because it stretches north to south, Burgundy is one of the most eclectic regions in terms of climate and terrain, providing Andy Katz with many interesting and beautiful photo opportunities. The emphasis of the photos in The Heart of Burgundy is not only on the grapes, vines, and vineyards but also on the unique and beautiful land that produces the wine and the culture from which it stems. The landscape and light, which are full of variety and seem to constantly shift and change, are two of the more alluring factors of this region, and these are fully illustrated in Andy Katz's photographs, with their brilliant clarity, vibrant color, and depth of focus.

    To round out this view of Burgundy, Robert M. Parker, Jr., contributes an introduction to the region that only someone with his level of experience could. As author and publisher of The Wine Advocate, he has been exploring the wine country of France for twenty years, visiting each château and domaine, drinking in the wine, culture, and landscape. He understands the unpredictably harsh weather of Burgundy, the clay/lime stone soil that runs through the pastoral, rolling hills, and the identity and character of the people and their wines. Together, in words and pictures, Parker and Katz demonstrate an understanding of the heart of Burgundy and celebrate the beauty of the French countryside.. Bartending jobs seekers should know vine culture to get more opportunities in their careers.

  • Mitchell Beazley Pocket Guide: Fortified And Sweet Wines (Mitchell Beazley Pocket Guides)

    • Author: John Radford
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $14.95

    The Mitchell Beazley Pocket Guides provide an indispensable series of books on all the main wine regions of the world. Written by the leading experts in their fields, all ten titles offer a wealth of information in a compact format, and include invaluable details on recommended wines, producers, and growers, and in-depth descriptions of each region.. Bartending jobs seekers should know vine culture to get more opportunities in their careers.

  • Italian Wine

    • Author: Victor Hazan
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $18.95

    Italian Wine. Bartending jobs seekers should know vine culture to get more opportunities in their careers.

  • The World of Wine (Mitchell Beazley Drink)

    • Author: Hugh Johnson
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $85.00

    This luxury box-set includes two of the world’s most successful and bestselling wine books by the two foremost wine writers on the subject. It’s a truly incomparable set, and a unique and essential addition to every wine-lover’s, historian’s, or literary follower’s library.
     The World Atlas of Wine is an indispensable book for the novice and expert alike, thanks to its exceptional maps, the quality of its prose, and its well-timed revisions. Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson have teamed up to combine their unrivalled talents to produce this fifth edition, with an impressive collection of 178 new and fully updated detailed maps.
              Fifteen years ago, Hugh Johnson wrote The Story of Wine, which is critically considered to be his “masterpiece” and a classic of wine literature. It has been heralded as one of the most comprehensive and certainly one of the most enjoyable books on wine in any language. This second edition has been condensed, updated, and re-illustrated with a selection of new, evocative photographs that brings the book up to date.
    The World Atlas of Wine
    The Story of Wine, plus free CD version of Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2006
    . Bartending jobs seekers should know vine culture to get more opportunities in their careers.

  • Oz Clarke's Bordeaux: The Wines

    • Author: Oz Clarke
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $35.00

    Bordeaux has always been the center of attention in the wine world, with some of the greatest wines, the most historic châteaux, and the highest level of glamour and prestige. And, despite increasing competition from new classic wine areas around the world, it still accounts for more than 90 percent of global wine futures and auction markets.

    In his trademark A-to-Z format, Oz profiles more than three hundred of Bordeaux’s most important châteaux as well as their second wines and discount brands, and recommends and describes hundreds of other châteaux. With color photos, wine labels, charts, and maps throughout, this volume covers each of Bordeaux’s subregions in sumptuous detail?fully exploring the area’s history, geography, soils, and grape varieties.

    Oz is at his witty, incisive best on this region, which he has both championed and challenged for years. With his vivid descriptions of the area as well as his knowledge of classic and best-value wines, this is an essential book for all lovers of Bordeaux wine.

    . Bartending jobs seekers should know vine culture to get more opportunities in their careers.

  • the Vineyards

    • Author: Mike Veseth
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $24.95

    Grape Expectations directly addresses the question of how globalization and market forces are changing the way wine is made, sold, consumed, and perceived. Globalization has pushed back the borders of the wine world, creating a complex inter-connected market where Old World and New World wines and producers compete head to head. The battle isn't just about bottles bought and sold, however, power and taste are also at stake. Who will call the shots in wine market of the future? Who will set the price? Whose palate will prevail? Whose idea of wine will reign supreme?. Bartending jobs seekers should know vine culture to get more opportunities in their careers.

  • the Winemakers

    • Author: Food & Wine Magazine
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $7.98

    Simple ingredients, simple techniques, and simply superb results: Italian cuisine made for busy weeknights. From pizza to polenta, these recipes are quick and mouthwatering. Start the meal off deliciously with Grilled Zucchini and Mozzarella, or Roasted Peppers with Caper Dressing. Serve hearty soups, such as a vegetable-packed Minestrone or a family-friendly plate of pasta. Other vibrantly scrumptious dishes include Clam Risotto with Bacon and Chives; Steamed Mussels with Tomato and Garlic Broth; and Sautéed Chicken Breasts with Salsa Verde. Desserts, like Zabaglione with Strawberries, make a sweet end to a wonderful dinner.
    . Bartending jobs seekers should know vine culture to get more opportunities in their careers.

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