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  • California's Napa Valley: One Hundred Sixty Years of Wine Making

    • Author: William F. Heintz
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $27.95

    This is the first comprehensive history of the wine industry in Napa Valley, the world's greatest wine-growing region. It includes the earliest settlersYankees, German, French, and Italian immigrants, and their efforts to make and market wines, describes the phylloxera infestation which nearly wiped out the vineyards in the late 1800s, the gradual development of fine quality wines which won international prizes. Prohibition and the Depression strongly affected the vineyards;some did not survive. The great boom in California wines after World War II climaxed in the 1970s, when European winemakers began buying vineyards or investing with California vintners to produce unique and magnificent wines of today. The great names are all here: Krug, Beringer, Schram, Tychson, Niebaum, de Latour, L. Martini, Mondavi, Trefethen, Hess, and many new winemakers, including a number of women.. Bartending jobs seekers must have knowledge of fine wine and this book will help them get it.

  • Wine Novice Guidebook: Learn What To Look for When Buying Wine As Well As Tips For Selecting

    • Author: K M S
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $15.95

    Wine, this is a drink that is well-known and well-loved by a great number of people, is produced from fruits such as grapes and berries by drying and then fermenting. Over the years, wine consumption has become more and more popular. With more and more money going into wine both as an investment and for later consumption, the history of the wine will always be in question. This book is a beginner's guidebook on anything and everything about wine. Get all the information to become a wine expert. Learn the basics of wine: * Wine grape varieties, color grading, the four main flavors - sweet, salty, sour, and bitter and acidity level. * Guidelines on selecting, storing and serving wine * Learn some wine terminology and get primed for wine tasting do's and don't's * Selecting wine in a restaurant * A closer look at new and most common wine varieties Become an expert on wine and impress your friends with your vast knowledge of the world of wine!. Bartending jobs seekers must have knowledge of fine wine and this book will help them get it.

  • Storing

    • Author: Walker
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $16.95

    Drive beyond the dusty provincial towns and the Chilean landscape is carpeted with 1?4 million acres of grapes that ripen perfectly in bright sunlight, warm days, and cool evenings. Labor, land, and grape prices are low, so Chilean wineries can make high quality wines at a fraction of the cost of those in California, Australia or Europe. Walker Elliott Rowe weaves a narrative of the Chilean people and culture, introducing the reader to many characters both inside and outside the wine business. The towering Andes Mountains are not the only item looming over the Chilean horizon-this progressive country, where the sentiment for socialism is strong, is still dealing with the ghosts of the former military dictator. Through his narrative, Rowe illustrates the irony of Chile's strong system of capitalism that leaves most people working long hours at low wages.. Bartending jobs seekers must have knowledge of fine wine and this book will help them get it.

  • Tasting And Serving Wine In This Detailed Guide To Wine

    • Author: Elliott Rowe
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $26.95

    "The Wines of Texas is a breezy excursion through the history of Texas winemaking; a trip as pleasurable as sipping good chardonnay. With admirable writing skill and prodigious research, Sarah Jane English chronicles Texas winemaking from its earliest days near Spanish El Paso to the renaissance in bloom today. In the process, she introduces us to Texas viticulture pioneers and takes us on an armchair tour of modern Texas wineries—the next best thing to visiting them in person." —Governor Rick Perry.. Bartending jobs seekers must have knowledge of fine wine and this book will help them get it.

  • On Wine: A Master Sommelier and Master of Wine Tells All

    • Author: Doug Frost
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $40.00

    On Wine, written by Master Sommelier and Master of Wine Doug Frost-- one of three people in the world with these credentials-- combines an authoritative, entertaining, down-to-earth discussion of wine for what it is-- a drink to be enjoyed-- with stunning four-color photography, illustrations, and maps. Frost's uncanny ability to articulate the many facets of enjoying wine simply and accurately makes this an excellent reference for novices who want to better educate themselves on the subject and for more experienced oenophiles who wish to hone their knowledge.

    Topics covered here include: the history of wine, including winemaking yesterday and today; understanding varietals, with an in-depth discussion of the most important ones, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah, and a guide to the others; how wine is made, with information on climate, barrels, and fortification; a survey of the world's wine-producing regions and their wines; understanding labels; pairing wines with food; an extensive listing of Frost's choice of the best wine producers in every major wine-making region worldwide; and an extensive glossary of "winespeak."

    With a foreword by Robert Mondavi, this beautiful illustrated book is essential reading for every wine lover.
    . Bartending jobs seekers must have knowledge of fine wine and this book will help them get it.

  • A Moveable Thirst: Tales and Tastes from a Season in Napa Wine Country

    • Author: Rick Kushman
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: $18.95

    A rollicking wine country travelogue paired with the only comprehensive guide to Napa’s public tasting rooms

    Hank Beal is a wine pro–the executive wine buyer at an upscale supermarket chain. Rick Kushman is an ordinary joe–a guy who enjoys wine but doesn’t know a lot about it. Together, Hank and Rick set out to visit all 141 public tasting rooms in Napa during the course of a year. The result is A Moveable Thirst–an engaging, often hilarious book that’s one part Sideways, one part Frommer’s. The first part recounts their uproarious adventures on the road as Rick learns to sniff and spit like a true oenophile (but never stops asking stupid questions). The second part offers the most complete and detailed guide ever published to Napa’s wine rooms. For wine lovers and the more than 5 million people who visit Napa every year, A Moveable Thirst is a great read and an indispensable guide.. Bartending jobs seekers must have knowledge of fine wine and this book will help them get it.

  • Gardens of the Wine Country

    • Author: Molly Chappellet
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $40.00

    Visit the most exclusive and spectacular gardens of the California Napa Valley, where fragrant flowers, enchanting pathways, and astonishing vistas await at every turn. Gardens of the Wine Country transports you to this lovely region's 40 most glorious private gardens. Molly Chappellet and Richard Tracy walk us through the regal grounds of Beaulieu Vineyard and Francis and Eleanor Coppola's Victorian paradise. We tour the secluded gardens of Peter Newton, stroll among hundreds of rose bushes at the home of Maria Minetti Farrow, and call on many other gorgeous estates. Page after page of lush photographs reveal beautiful verandahs and solariums, ponds and boxwood hedges, wild vines and tailored flower beds. Gardens of Wine Country offers abundant evidence of the joyful dedication that such a fertile region can inspire in those who love gardens.. Bartending jobs seekers must have knowledge of fine wine and this book will help them get it.

  • Wine Dogs Australia 2

    • Author: Craig McGill & Susan Elliott
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $29.00

    - Mike Jaensch, WineState Magazine

    Wherever good wine is made, you re likely to find a dog scouting the tasting room or winery. Wine Dogs Australia 2 features over 180 wineries across Australia and over 200 stunning photos of their loyal pooches.

    Along the way, the mutts and purebreds are interspersed with short essays by Greg Duncan Powell, Nick Ryan, Peter Forrestal, Matthew Jukes, Nick Stock and many more.

    Find out which dog boxes kangaroos, who bit Torbreck s Dave Powell and discover which winery is home to the Pointer sisters .

    Wine Dogs Australia 2 is a photographic journal of stunning pictures and great stories created all for the love of dogs and wine.. Bartending jobs seekers must have knowledge of fine wine and this book will help them get it.

  • Clean Water

    • Author: Douglas Wilson
    • Binding: Audio CD
    • Price: $10.00

    The Christian faith proclaims a standing invitation to a grand and glorious banquet. But those who wish to attend this feast must first be washed. This washing is declared by the clean water of baptism. After we are washed, we may sit down at the Lord's Supper, consisting of red wine and broken bread.

    An invitation to this banquet is too gracious to be dismissed out of hand, and it is too profound to accept glibly. The Christian faith is a serious and demanding religion, founded on the gladness and delight of God. As a faith, it is an all-encompassing worldview which cannot be reduced to cute little slogans.. Bartending jobs seekers must have knowledge of fine wine and this book will help them get it.

  • Red Wine

    • Author: Remington Norman
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Price: $35.00

    Subdivided into hundreds of domaines, often family-run and small in size, Burgundy can seem forbiddingly fragmented even to wine experts. Now, acclaimed wine writers Remington Norman and Charles Taylor help wine lovers unravel the mystery of this grape. In compiling this revised version of their much-praised book, they revisited all the domaines that appeared in previous editions, along with numerous ?rising stars,” to select the very best-and remove those that no longer make the grade. Norman and Taylor spoke to the winemakers about their grapes, their soil, and their techniques?and, of course, sampled their wines. In addition to a domaine-by-domaine guide with coverage of the region's microclimates, most important grapes, wine styles, there are tips on buying, storing and tasting wine and a rundown of recent vintages.
    . Bartending jobs seekers must have knowledge of fine wine and this book will help them get it.

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