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  • Published on October 13, 2010

    The Facts about Being a Bartender


    A bartender can earn a very good living … if he or she works in the right establishment. A bartender can also struggle financially if the job he or she chooses doesn’t attract the right kinds of customers. So how does a male – or female – bartender know if he or she has the right job? There really is no way to tell until some time has passed.There are many places that require the services of a bartender – restaurants … taverns … catering companies (for weddings anniversaries and other large scale celebrations) … hotels … cruise ships … the list goes on and on.

    The best place to work as a bartender is probably one that attracts well-to-do customers, people who have the means to tip handsomely. In truth, bartenders earn their keep on tips far more than they do from the salaries they receive.If you’re a professional bartender, you probably know how to make most drinks (there are endless varieties) and you probably know how to find a good job. If you don’t know how to concoct every imaginable mixed drink and you often have trouble finding a good job, there is a solution.

    You can access the help you need at a new website dedicated to serving the needs of professional and would-be bartenders. It’s to this website is Free and the benefits are substantial. You can learn everything you need to know about how to successfully launch a bartender career, for example … how to find a good job in the area where you live … how to be the best possible bartender… and much, much more.Do you feel you need to go to bartender school? provides information about schools – and their fees – that are in your area. Thinking of switching jobs? This website offers far more opportunities for that than you are likely to find in your local newspaper’s classified or Help Wanted section.The point is this: bartender careers can be satisfying and rewarding … if you know what to do to make them that way.

    A Free website like can give you all the information and help you will need to reach your goal and enjoy the career you’ve chosen.And, while bartender jobs – and a bartender career – may seem easy, they are not unless you know what you are doing. It takes an extensive knowledge of adult beverages – and the endless number of mixed drinks that people ask for – plus an engaging personality to be successful. You have to like people … and you have to know how to run a tab when the crowd gets large and noisy. If you can do that, you have chosen a career in which you can succeed. Enjoy it.By the way, in your bartender career, you will meet many new people and perhaps make some new friends, as well.  If it happens, and it should, consider it a career, bonus.

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