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  • Published on December 22, 2009

    Jobs in Hospitality Industry

    By Susan Wiltman

    Did you know that some industries actually do better in times of economic difficulty? It’s true! Though it may not seem that way with the rising unemployment rates, there are actually some industries that are growing and thriving in today’s market. One such industry is the hospitality industry, which includes food services, hotels and resorts, cruise ships, and other organizations that provide leisure products and services. It may seem strange that an industry that provides leisure services would thrive under these circumstances, but actually many people tend to escape the gloom of an economic slump by seeking entertainment and pleasure. According to a recent article on Hospitality Net, the U. S. Travel industry will be adding 90,000 American jobs in 2010, based on projections by the U. S. Travel Association. If you are looking for work now, thinking about changing your career, or looking to travel or get some different work experience, you may want to seriously consider the hospitality industry!

    The food and beverage services industry has traditionally been the starting point of many people’s working lives. According to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, cooks, waiters and waitresses and food-preparation workers made up close to 3 of 5 workers in this industry. Because of the relatively high turnaround of workers in this industry, there are often restaurant jobs available in many establishments for servers, bartenders, chefs and line cooks, dishwashers, hosts and hostesses and other food service workers. Also, because many of these workers earn tips on top of an hourly wage, the earnings can be extremely high! Furthermore, jobs in the food and beverage services industry tend to have quite flexible schedules, so it may be possible to work fewer hours than a standard, full-time job, and still earn enough to support yourself.


    Another area of interest is in hotels and resorts. There are often hotel jobs available as clerks or front desk workers, concierges, valet parking attendants, housekeeping staff, and security guards. You may even be able to get the chance to travel by getting a job as a worker on a cruise ship, such as a food server, room aide, or even entertainer! Working as a limo driver may give you a chance to come in contact with many important people and earn great money. There are also many miscellaneous jobs in this industry, such as in shipping/receiving warehouses, janitorial services and entrance and security, such as bouncers or entrance staff at clubs and bars.

    The best part about working in the hospitality industry is that it offers you unlimited opportunities and growth potential. You can start at the bottom and work your way up easily into any number of career paths, such as hotel or restaurant management, travel services, or event planning and management. The best way to do this is build up your resume with different positions in this industry, perhaps through seasonal, temporary, or part-time employment, and make many contacts with co-workers and clients. You may also consider pursuing some education in this field, such as taking classes at a local college or even earning an online degree. Many schools that offer culinary degrees or hospitality management degrees also provide internship and career services to their students, so that they may gain experience in the industry while getting an education.

    If you are unsure about your place in today’s economy, the hospitality industry may be the perfect choice. Hospitality jobs allow you flexible schedules, high earning potential through tips and bonuses, opportunities to travel or make important contacts, and experience many different career paths. Hospitality jobs also frequently require little to no training, allowing you the opportunity to easily gain entry into the industry. And don’t forget the perks! As a worker in the hospitality industry, you will likely be able to enjoy many of the services that you are providing to others! Best of luck!

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