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  • Published on April 10, 2010

    How to land a Bartending Job

    By Eugene Starr

    Have you been thinking about trying your hand at bartending but are unsure where to start? Or perhaps you are an experienced bartender who is out of work at the moment. If so, is an excellent resource for you to find out about bartender training and search for bartending jobs, bar backing jobs, and other local bar jobs.

    The food and beverage services industry has traditionally been the starting point of many people’s working lives. Because of the relatively high turnaround of workers in this industry, there are often restaurant jobs available in many establishments for servers, bartenders, bar backs and other bar and food service workers. Also, because many of these workers earn tips on top of an hourly wage, the earnings can be extremely high! Furthermore, jobs in the food and beverage services industry tend to have quite flexible schedules, so it may be possible to work fewer hours than a standard, full-time job, and still earn enough to support yourself.

    The first thing you should do if you are considering a bartending career is to take a bartending course and obtain certification, which can be done online or through a local bartending school. Mixology training and obtaining certification will allow you to become familiar with the most common bartending methods, popular drinks, and rules and regulations that are vital to know as a bar worker. At, you can search for the training and certification that is most convenient for you.

    Of course, the best kind of training is done on the job! That is why your next step, after completing your bartender training and certification, is to search for local bar jobs. As mentioned above, the turnover is quite high in this industry, so there are always plentiful opportunities for bartenders, bar servers, bar backs and other bar workers. Working behind the bar is the best way to learn all of the most popular drinks, as well as special techniques and bartending “flair”. Before you know it, you’ll be spinning bottles and putting on a show, earning tons of tips and working a fun, flexible schedule! Browse the listings for local bar jobs now so you can see just how many positions are available!

    Bartending is not only fun and lucrative, it’s a great way to meet people and make connections. With flexible scheduling, plentiful bar job opportunities, quick and convenient training and certification and possibility for advancement into bar/restaurant management, bartending may be just the career you’ve been waiting for! And if you are an experienced bartender or bar worker, you know how great this career can be! Take advantage of the resources available on and start searching for opportunities today.

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