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  • Published on December 22, 2009

    How to Find Seasonal, Temporary, or Part Time Employment

    By Jim Carter

    For people who are struggling in today’s economy, one way to earn extra income is by seeking out seasonal jobs, temporary jobs, or part time employment.  If you need to earn money while searching for a permanent job, earn some extra cash to help pay the bills, or if you are simply not sure which career path to follow, seasonal or part time employment may be your best bet!  Seasonal, recreational, part-time and other general jobs like these are especially convenient for students or people who do not require full time employment.

    Many companies hire seasonal or temporary employees during very busy times or seasons.  During the winter holiday season, a lot of retail stores hire additional staff to help with the increased sales and customer traffic.  Holiday jobs are a great way for students, stay-at-home moms, or any job searchers to gain some retail experience and earn some extra income!  Another possibility for seasonal employment is in the Hospitality Industry.  In popular vacation spots, hotels, restaurants and resorts often take on additional staff during heavy tourist seasons.  You may want to work for the summer in a beach town, where there are many resorts or hotels looking for extra workers.  During the winter, you may choose to work at a ski resort or a spa. These seasonal jobs usually require no experience or training, or provide training on-the-job to new hires.  Keep in mind that retailers and other companies start hiring early in advance of busy seasons.  An article in the   Chicago Tribune states that you should start applying as early as October, as stores like to hire early so workers are trained and ready by Thanksgiving.


    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, seasonal recreational jobs will continue to increase in the next few years and may even offer future career opportunities for some workers.  Seasonal and temporary job opportunities can be found on popular job search sites, as well as by visiting local malls and retailers.  You may also visit websites such as the National Recreation and Park Association or the   American Camping Association for seasonal recreational job opportunities.  There are even seasonal and temporary job opportunities in the Healthcare and Medical Services Industry, which is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States.


    One of the best ways to find part-time or temporary jobs is through employment agencies.  These agencies specialize in finding employment in all industries, including warehouse jobs, office help and administrative jobs, retail, and other general jobs Temp jobs are a great way to earn some income and have a flexible schedule.  These types of jobs often require very little training or education, or are a great way to supplement your income while you earn your degree.  It may even be possible to earn a degree or certification while on the job!  Many employment agencies provide free online courses for their temp employees, allowing them to study while working.  Temp or part-time work can be a great way to get your foot in the door with an entry-level position and then work your way up in a company, or gain some experience to add to your resume.  It is also a great way to try out different job types and companies to help decide which career to pursue.

    Another option to earn additional income while pursuing a degree or searching for regular employment is to work from home.  Many companies or websites pay people to write articles, or provide administrative services such as mailing out letters or processing bills.  These jobs can be done right from home if you have a computer and Internet access.  The benefit of this kind of work is that you can do it whenever is most convenient for you.


    Whether you are a student looking to earn some extra income between classes or a general worker looking for some additional income, there are many options available in the seasonal and temporary job market!

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