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  • Published on April 15, 2010

    How to Find a Good Bartending Job

    By Eugene Starr

    If you are currently working as a bartender, but want to move on to a new job ... or if you're a recent grad of a Bartender School looking for your very first job, here's some very good news for you. The job you want, but haven't yet found, is probably right inside your computer waiting for you to discover it.

    That's the truth. You can, of course, rummage through your Sunday newspaper's Classified Section in a hopeless quest for information about jobs waiting to be filled. I say hopeless because the way people look for - and find - jobs has changed.


    Newspapers no longer provide the help you need to find the job you want because employers don't advertise their needs that way. No ... the best Help Wanted Section for you is right on your computer. That's exactly where most jobs are advertised - and found - these days. And one of the very best websites for finding a bartender job is The name tells you everything you need to know. This new website, which is free for you to access and use, will help you find the best possible job - right in the area where you live. After all, a website that advertises jobs in a different city or town does you no good.

    eBarJobs helps professional and beginning bartenders find jobs that are right for them - good bartender jobs in nice restaurants, bars pubs or more - within easy commuting distance. Depending on where you actually live, the "commute" may be little more than a short walk to work.

    That's a big benefit ... and only one of the reasons why it makes sense for you to log on to the moment you finish reading this article. Once you do, you'll find pages of easy-to-read-and-use information on everything related to your profession - bartender. And as I've already said, you'll discover Help Wanted ads for excellent bartender jobs ... perhaps one in an upscale restaurant ... a classy and exciting sports bar ... a fancy hotel ... maybe even on a cruise ship that sails to exotic ports of call. It's all there all of the time - right on your computer screen when you access

    Of course, you can always take the easy way out and apply for a job at the neighborhood bar. You know the one ... it's on the corner. The problem with that job is that the bar rarely draws a crowd and those who do show up often leave small tips. That's not the way to make a good living or to find a good bartender job.

    You have to find the jobs that give you status and a chance to maximize your income. And the place to find those jobs is at Go there right now. There is an excellent bartender job waiting for you to find it and claim it.

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