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  • Published on September 17, 2012

    Cities Where Restaurant Jobs are in High Demand

    By Contributor

    Major cities around the nation boast a variety of eateries where many flavors of the world are offered. All metropolitan centers exhibit a huge potential for restaurant jobs which is also considered the largest employer in the private sector. Statistics show that the average American eats out fives times a week. This can be something as basic as a coffee and a muffin, a visit to MacDonald’s to a more elaborate full scale meal at a five star restaurant.


    Despite the economic conditions the restaurant business is still experiencing considerable growth. While many people enter the job market, waiting tables and tending bars are some of the few opportunities that are readily accessible to avail. Some enter the industry with a view to make a career out of their experience. Restaurants employ close to one and a half million employees in California, and this number is projected to grow substantially.

    Here is a look at the nation’s top spots for restaurant jobs, three of which lie in the state of California:


    Los Angeles: The city is renowned for its multicultural cuisine. There is a huge variety of restaurants in the city with Mexican food holding dominance over others. Closely pursuing in competition is Asian cuisine while other flavors are also found in abundance. Its strength is in its ethnicity making it one of the most favorable spots for jobs in the restaurant industry.


    San Diego:  The city hosts a wide range of cuisines. Its culinary delights include Mexican, Italian, French, South Asian, Middle Eastern and Pacific Islander cuisine among others. One of its other areas of culinary prominence is seafood. It is no wonder that the restaurant enterprise is thriving in this border town of California.


    San Francisco: Although the cuisine of the city is varied, San Francisco is certainly known for its own culinary inventions like popsicles, Crab Louis, cioppino, fortune cookie, chicken tetrazzini and of course its greatest feat, sourdough bread. Home to many world class restaurants, San Francisco is a hub for food related activity with many openings for hospitality managers, food preparation personnel and food servers.


    New York: Moving away from the West Coast restaurant centers, the East Coast also offers an equal variety of tastes as well as good job prospects in the restaurant industry. The New York job market has always been driven by immigration, and the same is reflected in its food industry. Adorned with a variety of international flavors the city continues to provide many favorable circumstances for culinary talent.


    Miami: The Miami cuisine is a unique experience with a blend of Latin, Caribbean and US flavors collectively known as Floribbean cuisine. The city is dotted with many restaurants and is a good place for cooking school graduates and others wishing to enter the restaurant industry.

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