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  • Published on September 16, 2012

    Part-Time Bartending Jobs

    By Contributor

    But among the part-time jobs, the most promising one is bartending. Part-time bartending jobs are well-paid in terms of tips from customers especially from regular patrons.  A bartender is someone who works in bars, pubs, taverns, nightclubs, resorts or hotels and other places related to entertainment or tourism. Bartender is also known as barkeep or barmaid (female). He or she mixes and serves drinks which are mostly alcoholic beverages like beer, liquor, wine, liqueur, cocktails and coolers. For customers who do not wish to drink or non drinkers, the bartender serves water, soda, juice, cola and other non-alcoholic drinks. Aside from serving drinks, the bartender either working full-time or part-time is responsible for taking payment for all the drinks he or she served to customers and those served by waiters and waitresses. It is also part of the bartender’s job to keep the liquor supplies and glassware stocked properly and for easy monitoring and inventory. He or she takes a watchful eye to other garnishes on hand, ice supply and even serve finger foods to customers sitting at the bar area where he or she as bartender is occasionally stationed.

    However, as the bartender works, you cannot directly determine who is doing the full-time or part-time bartending jobs. The best clue is to approach and inquire. But doing part-time jobs as bartender does not make one an inferior in terms of reputation and bar jobs. As bartender, one is expected to deliver the best service in every work shift he or she is assigned. Doing so may attract more customers and probably increase customers’ tips.  But doing part-time bartending jobs does not give immunity to the bartender from suits or liabilities when he or she is not tactful in serving alcoholic beverages. As bartender, he or she must observe rules of the bar and the local law governing drinking. Minors should not be served with alcoholic drinks.  It is same also with those who are accompanying drivers of the customers and those whom the bartender found as drunk.

    Part-time bartending jobs, bar jobs or restaurant jobs are all compensating jobs when you know how to handle customers. Being at the frontline of the bar, you should carry yourself confidently as you do your bartending jobs and wear your appropriate dress with dignity and respect. They add good aura to the atmosphere of the bar. If you want to brighten up the bar with entertainment as you do flair bartending, it is a great plus factor for the customers to keep on coming back and be your regular patrons. Customers expect bartenders to be expert in mixing hundreds of types of drinks in a quick, accurate and in an un-wasteful fashion. Tips from customers come when the bartender is doing well in his or her bartending jobs either as full-time or part-time. 

  • Published on September 16, 2012

    The Five Top Cities for Restaurant Jobs

    By Contributor

    Paris, France

    Bon appétit! This is the usual line uttered by chef when the meal is served. It means literally “have a nice appetite” or simply understood “have a good meal”.  With the 79.5 million tourist arrivals in France in 2011, it is no wonder that the demand for restaurant jobs is always at the rise. People who come to this place must eat. The natural craving for French cuisine is always at the palate of each foreign visitor. To land a job in any restaurant in Paris, one must study its culinary arts and other international cuisine.

    New York, United States of America

    New York is mostly associated with fashion and style and the favorite hangout of the rich and famous individuals of the world. Nonetheless, New York is considered the restaurant mecca of the United States. As people come in millions each year, it is just natural to cater to their stomach needs. Restaurants abound everywhere in New York. As it is considered one of the costliest cities in the world to live in, it is also true with food. Food is really expensive. So for budding chefs, restaurant jobs are aplenty. One has to have the better if not the best credential in culinary know-how to land in any restaurant job. 

    Beijing, China

    With the number of tourist arrivals hitting more than 57.6 million in 2011, China particularly the capital city of Beijing is in great need for restaurant staff to cater the needs of many people coming from different countries. It attracts people from around the world because of its great culture, long cherished tradition and the greatest attraction – the Great Wall of China which expands at the longest and making it the most visible human structure when viewed from the moon. If you are hunting for restaurant jobs, you need to add considerable time to learn oriental cuisine particularly Chinese. Serving people with Chinese food is akin to serving a giant plate to them.

    Barcelona, Spain

    Watching live bullfighting in Spain is not enjoyable without taking something for the stomach before and after the event. Spain has attracted millions of tourists from around the world with the number of more than 56.7 millions! Barcelona being its capital city has benefited much from these tourist arrivals. Restaurant jobs rise exponentially as a natural effect of the increase of mouths to feed. Finding restaurant jobs in this city is not so much a problem but qualification does. One has to be familiar with Spanish way of preparing food to let tourist get into the country’s spirit. Wine marking is also an experience to consider here.

    Rome, Italy

    Considered the seat of Christianity where the residence of the Pope is located, Italy is at top 5 with more than 46.1 millions of tourist arrivals.  Restaurants around Rome and neighboring places must have been filled up with hungry customers each year. With this phenomenon, it is undeniable that restaurant jobs also skyrocketed. In this city one has to be gastronomically capable to do any restaurant jobs to earn a decent living.    

    With these 5 top cities, one can get the feel that restaurant jobs demand excellent culinary knowledge, and dedication to learn and appreciate the different tastes of every locality or place.

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