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Cook - Dishwasher -Cafeteria Specialist

Hiring Deadline: Open until filled
Position updated on:
Zip Code: 78724
Industry: All
Employer: KIPP
Job Tracking ID: 1378387319
Job Description:
We currently have different kitchen positions available at each campus location (noted below with position descriptions).

East Campus:
8509 FM 969
Austin, TX 78724

South Campus:
5107 I-35 South, Suite A
Austin, TX 78744

Full-Time, East Campus
The Cafeteria Specialist works as a part of the KIPP Austin Public Schools Cafeteria Team. The Cafeteria Specialist would help to create a warm and friendly atmosphere to enhance the student's meal time experience. This position would efficiently handle the sale of food, and to prepare an accurate, balanced tabulation sheet for Food Service accounting purposes. The Cafeteria Specialist would work effectively in the cafeteria/kitchen or where designated by the Front of House Supervisor. This position will include server, cashier, prep-cook, and dishwashing duties. This position will abide by the strictest standards of physical and food safety, freshness and sanitation. This is a full-time position.

Part-Time, South Campus
The Cook works as part of the KIPP Austin Public School Kitchen Team to prepare and serve breakfast, lunch and a snack for up to 2500 students and teachers. This position has a firm understanding of nutrition, of nutritious ways to prepare food to maximize its capabilities, and to support the districts Wellness Program. This position will abide by the strictest standards of physical and food safety, freshness and sanitation. This is a full-time position.

Full-time, East Campus
The Dishwasher works as a part of the KIPP Austin Public Schools Kitchen Team to maintain kitchen work areas, equipment, plates, trays, and utensils in a clean sanitary and orderly condition. The dishwasher may sometimes assist in food preparation or service as necessary. This position will abide by the strictest standards of physical and food safety, freshness and sanitation.

Qualifications vary between roles. Visit www.kippaustin.org and click CAREERS to view a full list of current opportunities and their descriptions.

All KIPP Austin staff members will demonstrate the following:
• Unquestioned integrity and commitment to the KIPP Austin mission and KIPP Austin community
• A clear, authentic and transparent sense of your strengths and areas of growth as a professional; an ability to easily adjust tone
• Demonstrate a commitment to continue professional development individually
• Ability to break down complex information into comprehensive parts, ask questions, synthesize and analyze
• Willingness to be flexible and to go above and beyond to meet the needs of KIPP Austin students

• Exposure to temperature variations and wet conditions.
• May walk and work on uneven and slick surfaces.
• Requires reaching above and below shoulder height.
• Some exposure to dust, gas, fumes and chemicals
• Exposure to blood borne pathogens: Level III
• May need to use a ladder or stool to reach product or supplies.
• Frequent repetitive hand motion.
• Frequent excessive standing during assigned work day.
• Frequent requirement to lift, carry, push, pull, sit, stand, walk, reach, crouch, climb, balance, kneel and stoop.

TO APPLY: Please visit our website at www.kippaustin.org click on the "CAREERS" tab to complete an online application OR please bring your resume to the KIPP Austin Central Kitchen (8509 FM 969 Austin, Texas 78724).

As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability.

Employee Type: Full-Time, Part-Time
Compensation: TBD

Restaurant Jobs Description


The most important factor to consider when hiring a cook is experience. Preferably, experience in the style of food you will be serving. Cooking candidates should express an enthusiasm for the food you plan to serve. If a cook is professionally trained, be sure that they can handle the speed of a busy kitchen as well as produce delicious dishes. Food safety, such as a Serve Safe certification is also a plus. While cooks don’t need to be as personable as the wait staff or hostess, they should be someone who can work as part of team and be reasonably polite.

Wait Staff

If you are expecting a high paced, quick turnover rate each day, you need someone who can move fast. However, if the view of your restaurant is quiet, intimate, and slow-paced, such as fine dining, then you need someone who is comfortable that type of atmosphere. When interviewing for wait staff positions, ask each candidate what their strengths are. A server should be knowledgeable of the type of food you serve, as well as have a basic familiarity of wine and mixed drinks.


The general job of a restaurant host is to meet, greet, and seat customers. Therefore it is an excellent entry-level job for someone without a lot of restaurant experience (or any). The host should be friendly and courteous, and also know how to handle rushes, waiting lines. A host should be an organized person who is comfortable multi-tasking.


This position is often tops on the front-of-the house job ladder. To be a great bartender (and that is the only type you should hire) a person must have a wide knowledge of mixed drinks, be friendly to both customers and staff and be a good listener. Great bartenders can give quality, attentive service to their own customers, while still getting the staff their drinks. Honesty is another important requirement. The bartender handles a lot of cash each shift and you need to be able to trust that he or she will not siphon any off the top.


This is usually an entry-level position in the business. While dishwashing isn't the most desirable job in a restaurant, it is one of the most important. It's always a good idea to be a little nicer to your dishwashers-- give them a free meal or a tip after a particularly busy night to keep them from walking off in the middle of a shift. Because, if they walk, there is a good chance the owner may have to finish the job! If an employee can stick out a few months in the dish pit, then they are worth bringing up through the ranks, since nothing else will help build character the way dishwashing does.

Busboy (also referred to as a Busser)

Often, the first promotion a dishwasher gets is to busboy. This position is ideal for a high school student. The busboy is a gopher of sorts. His main job is to bus the dining room tables, however he can be conscripted by the cooks to fetch ingredients that are running low, or by wait staff to help make desserts or salads. The bartender may have a busser restock his coolers, if he doesn't have his own bar-back. Bussing positions are an excellent way to gain exposure to all parts of the restaurant business, and a good transition to either a front of the house or back of the house position.